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Some of the services you get when you become a Dressr brand:


Rental & sales integration

Have a circular relationship with consumers


Increased brand visibility

Improve your online presence on dressr channels


Product feedback

Gain insights & feedback about your products


Market insights

Understand your renter audience


On-site stock storage

Enjoy free storage of the items on Dressr


Free item handling

We handle logistics, refurbishment and packaging


Happy brands


kg of CO2 saved


monthly rental cycles



How sustainable is my fashion brand?

Since 2000, the fashion industry produces and sells double the number of clothes while the average lifespan of one item keeps decreasing.
Assess your impact as a Fashion Brand with our test, We will send you your Sustainability Impact Results.

Céline Van den Bossche

Janue Brussels Founder

One of the many reasons I love working with Dressr is that the phenomenon of temporary ownership fascinates me. In the sense that it could redefine inclusivity in sustainable fashion. An evolution I absolutely want to support.

Thanks to our collaboration with Dressr, we can make our products accessible to more people. The price tag of high-quality products like ours is often a roadblock to sway consumers away from fast fashion towards more sustainability. With Dressr, we can now offer our designs for a smaller budget as well.

Katrien Herdewyn

Elegnano Founder

Lynn Geerinck

Or Service Founder

Working with Dressr helps Or Service to introduce people to sustainable jewelry, but first and foremost Dressr gives us the opportunity to introduce jewelry within the circular fashion industry. This is what we’ve been looking for all along.

The reason why we love to collaborate with Dressr is that it is a logical initiative that the planet is in serious need of.

Katrien Smets

A Natural Connection Founder

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