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Capture data, unlock growth, and become circular. 

Dressr connects conscious creators and fashion lovers to realize subscription clothing at scale. We are your growth partner to unlock revenue, data, and sustainability opportunities in fashion rental. 

What we can do for you

Consumer behavior is changing quickly, with the number of Belgian second-hand and rental customers tripling in just two years. Our goal is to enable forward-thinking brands (like yours) to participate in and lead the transition towards the future of fashion.

As a Dressr rental partner, you can:

Lies Mertens


Working with Dressr makes so much sense for our brand. We always try to make the most sustainable decisions possible and feel our values are shared by the Dressr concept and team.

How it works for brands

The Dressr model makes it easy for brands to participate in the rental ecosystem.
We handle the logistics and storage, all you need to do is provide the garments!

Select items for rent

We use our extensive rental market experience to help you select the most appropriate items.

Add items to platform

We add your items to the Dressr catalog and promote them for rent.

Capture data

We work together to identify how and what data you would like to collect about your rental items on Dressr.

Collect compensation

We provide rental and or sale revenue based on the performance of your brand's rental portfolio.

Our brands

Rental works best when quality, sustainability, and accessibility meet. That’s why we strive to work with brands that produce ethically in Europe, grow with sustainability in mind, and design for a long product lifetime.

Katrien Herdewyn

Elegnano Founder

Thanks to our collaboration with Dressr, we can make our products accessible to more people. The price tag of high-quality products like ours is often a roadblock to sway consumers away from fast fashion towards more sustainability. With Dressr, we can now offer our designs for a smaller budget as well.

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