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Meet Dressr, the force behind the fashion rental revolution in Europe.
50+ conscious fashion brands, 850+ beautiful styles, and one rental platform - that’s our way of contributing to a more sustainable future of fashion.

Our story

Dressr was founded in 2019 by Caroline Cecile Baeten with the goal of finding more sustainable ways to enjoy beautiful, consciously-made pieces. Following her own transition from sales seeker to conscious consumer, Caroline started Dressr to make this journey easier, more enjoyable and more accessible at a large scale. Fast-forward 3 years, Dressr now works with more than 50+ brands and a fast-growing rental community that form a circular fashion ecosystem.

Since our inception, Dressr has built an impressive proposition and platform that creates a win-win for renters and local, sustainable brands. Members get to enjoy the freedom of a seemingly-unlimited wardrobe without the cost, ecological impact and hassle of ownership. And brands get a helping hand to reduce their footprint, receive valuable quality & rental data on their products and get remunerated for every item rented.

From personal styling sessions to keynote speeches and workshops for local businesses, the Dressr team is active on all fronts promoting rental as a better, more sustainable way to enjoy the beauty of fashion.

Our team

Dressr is a multidisciplinary team of fashion enthusiasts, sustainability advocates and digital experts, powering the rental revolution together.

Caroline Cécile Baeten Dressr CEO

About Caroline Baeten

Caroline Baeten is the founder of Dressr, a fashion rental platform that she established in April 2021. Since then, Caroline has been passionate about changing the way people view fashion and advocating for a more sustainable future. She firmly believes that fashion renting is the way forward. Caroline’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to sustainability have earned her recognition within the industry, and she continues to inspire others to make positive changes in the world of fashion. Some may call her the Jeanne d’Arc of the Rental Revolution.

Caroline Baeten

Founder & CEO

About Jesse Finn

Jesse is a creative marketing all-rounder with a focus on visual storytelling. In all his work, he focuses on the power of accessible design in combination with compelling, engaging writing to communicate business value and build ambassadorship.

Jesse Finn

Creative marketing support

About Falco Wienberg

Falco is a strategic marketing all-rounder specialising in commercial development and business growth. He’s passionate about creating marketing campaigns that are not only impactful but build sustainable relationships with brands. He believes in winning fans, not just customers.

Falco Wienberg

Strategic marketing support

About Peggy Vancorenland

Peggy is a front-end developer, who loves to make beautiful designs come to life on your screen. Communication plays a major role in her work, translating design requests into fully functioning computer code. She especially loves the combination of talking with humans through words and communicating with computers through code.

Peggy Vancorenland

Front-end developer

About Stijn De Mulder

20+ years of professional experience as a (web)developer with a focus on WordPress and WooCommerce since 2013. Thanks to the right combination of premium plugins and custom development, Stijn can fully tailor our WooCommerce webshop. In addition to WordPress, cooking and eating are Stijn’s biggest passions. Much to the delight of his wife and children. 

Stijn De Mulder

Webdeveloper at Wizarts

About Rémi Wildschut

Rémi is passionate about start-ups and SMEs, with a focus on finance, operations and the numbers game. He has co-founded and advised multiple ventures from fundraising to exit.

Rémi Wildschut

Financial expert

About You?

Looking for a fun and interesting internship? Send us a message to and, who knows? Maybe you’ll be part of the Dressr team soon!



Dressr plays its part in the future of fashion by unlocking the sustainability benefits of rental for brands and fashion enthusiasts. To us, ‘sustainable’ in fashion is about improving garment quality, minimizing waste, solving overstock issues and maximizing use-per-garment. Designer rental with Dressr ticks all of these boxes. All brands on the Dressr platform are carefully selected so our renters can be confident they’re always shopping with sustainability in mind.

Whether you rent with a membership or just once for a special occasion, the ecological impact is fundamentally different compared to traditional purchasing. In a research collaboration with the independent Flemish research organization VITO, we demonstrated that items rented on Dressr had significantly higher use-per-garment than traditionally purchased items. Many of our members, like Helena, also stop adding new clothes to their wardrobe altogether after joining Dressr, which decreases the demand for new item production.

Through Dressr’s one-time-rental option, renting instead of purchasing occasionwear leads to big sustainability wins for fashion. Annually, millions of items are bought for weddings, events, and holidays and only worn once, creating a massive pollution and waste footprint. Renting makes the purchase and production of these items obsolete.

Our showroom

The Dressr Showroom is open by appoinment on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 1PM and 5PM.

Curious about that new item from your favourite brand? Or want some styling support from an expert? Join us in our showroom in Mortsel for an engaging fashion experience. And follow along on Instagram to be the first to know about special events. 

We look forward to your visit!


At Dressr, we believe that fashion is more than just clothing, it’s an expression of who you are. We also believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and that starts with knowing how to show off your body type.

Our interactive workshops, held in our Antwerp showroom, are designed to help you discover your unique style and learn how to dress for your body type, so you can feel confident and comfortable every day. Our team will teach you how to accentuate your best features and create a wardrobe that works for you. 

You’ll have access to hundreds of beautiful pieces from more than 40 local designer brands and the expertise of the Dressr team at your fingertips to make you feel like a million bucks!

But that’s not all. At Dressr we believe that fashion can be beautiful and responsible at the same time, and we want to share that with you. Our workshops will teach you how to dress sustainably, so you can look good and feel good about your choices.

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