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Dressr exclusive

Every piece on Dressr is carefully selected and designed. Some pieces are even hand-made by the designer of the Brand. Both Essential and Exclusive items, provide items for occasion, work and every day wear.
  • Essential items are available to all three membership plans.
  • Dressr exclusive items are accessible to two out of three membership plans. These pieces have a higher retail value than the essential pieces.


Dressr is the result of a search towards a responsible way for consuming fashion items. The platform reduces the pressure on the production of new items and the waste created by both the fashion industry and consumers.

During our 4-month pre-release program testing renters and brands, we measured the impact Dressr had on the environment, based on changes in purchasing behavior and the amount of wear turns.

In terms of purchasing behavior, we noticed a reduction in the number of items purchased – from 4.5 to 1 items per month, and a different way of selecting items to buy. While using Dressr, ‘Rentrs’ selected items from local brands and were conscious about their purchase. Viewing the small scale of this research, we merely see these results as an indication of the potential Dressr has.

It is our ambition to further expand the positive impact of Dressr by bringing a change of mentality among Belgian and European consumers. We are continuously working towards making both our service and our internal organization more future proof. The more we grow, the bigger our impact and the more consumers and brands we support in being more responsible with fashion.

The collaboration with VITO was set up by Start it @KBC.

Our story

Dressr was founded by Caroline Cecile Baeten. This young entrepreneur grew up in Leuven and now lives in Antwerp, with her fiancé Jelle and daughter Filippa.

Caroline quit her job a year ago to give life to Dressr. Prior to Dressr, she worked as a business manager at a digital consulting company in Brussels. In 2016, she studied an MBA at Vlerick Business School, with the motivation to change the fashion industry to a future-proof system.

In her student years, Caroline was a real fashion victim. She used to buy clothes every week, combining those fast fashion items with unique second hand pieces. Over the years, as Caroline became more and more aware of the violation of human rights and the ecological footprint of the fashion industry, she changed her buying habits. Dressr is the result of a personal and professional search for a responsible way of enjoying clothing.

Dressr could be realised thanks to the support of Flanders DC, Vlerick Business School, Start it @KBC, Vlaio and Caroline’s personal and professional network and most of all the Dressr team.