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Dressr offers consumers an online rental subscription to fashion items. We rent and sell fashion items to consumers through the Website. This Privacy Policy explains how Dressr collects and uses personal data through its website.

This cookie policy explains how Dressr uses cookies and similar technologies on the Dressr website Dressr may change the information in this cookie policy from time to time. Only the most recent version applies to the use of the Dressr website. This version was published on [8 April 2021]. 

What are Cookies?

For simplicity, we will refer to cookies and similar technologies simply as ‘Cookies’. By this we mean the following components. 

Cookies are small files that are placed and read in the browser of your computer, smartphone or other device (hereinafter referred to as ‘Device’) when using this website.

Cookies are sometimes temporary (so called ‘Session Cookies‘) which are deleted after closing the browser. Other cookies remain until they expire or until you delete them (so called ‘Permanent Cookies’) such as the one to remember that you are logged in.

Tags or Pixels are synonyms of each other. They are pieces of code that are executed by your browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) when you visit this website. These pieces of code can register certain data such as Cookies, your IP address and other information about your Device.

Cookies and Tags can be placed by Dressr itself (so-called ‘First Party Cookies’) or by third parties which Dressr engages for specific support (‘Third Party Cookies‘).

Why does Dressr use cookies?

Dressr uses Cookies for the following reasons:

Hereafter, you will find more explanations about each of these applications.

Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary to use this website.

Examples are cookies that:

Analytic cookies

These analyse the use of our websites and apps. They allow us to improve the functionality or detect errors.

Examples are cookies that:

How can I delete or disable cookies?

You can disable or delete cookies at any time:

For more information per browser type, see also the following links:

Please note that if you delete or disable cookies in your browser, this website may no longer work as expected.

Finally, we recommend that you also read the Dressr Privacy Policy. This cookie policy and the Privacy Policy are after all linked. The Privacy Policy also tells you which personal data we may collect from you when you use our online services, why we collect these data, how we use and handle it. 

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