5 Winter jackets and coats to rent this season

The time for winter jackets and coats is back! During these colder months, your outer layer is, in a lot of ways, your canvas. It’s the final touch you make to your outfit and the first thing the world sees. 

It’s no surprise then, that finding the perfect winter jacket or coat can be a challenge. Do you go for an effortless classic that matches everything or, do you indulge in something eye-catching and out-of-the-box? 

Well, what if we told you you could do both? 

Renting a winter jacket – a solution for every wardrobe

When it comes to winter wear we often see two types of people; those who have a go-to jacket worn year after year, and those who have more coats than they can count. 

For the practical among us, renting a winter jacket means you can experiment with new trends without committing to a long-term investment. While for those with a closet full of barely-worn coats, rental is the perfect way to keep switching up your looks without adding extra items to the wardrobe.

Besides the wardrobe wins, there is also the environmental impact. Considering a garment only ends up being worn an average of seven or eight times before being tossed, renting a winter jacket also helps maximize wear-per-garment and reduces fashion waste.

Whichever camp you belong to, fashion rental is your ticket to a more diverse, fun, and sustainable wardrobe. Mix up your look with new styles and return them when you’re done, it’s that easy. 

5 Winter jackets and coats you don’t want to miss

Looking at the winter jacket and coat trends this season, we’re seeing a lot of classics elevated with a fresh twist. Here are just 5 of our many favorites to get you inspired!

Checkered winter jacket Arte-by-Gigue

5. Checkered coat: Arte by Gigue

This colorful checkered coat by Gigue is the perfect example of a fresh take on a timeless classic. With beautiful soft pastels and cozy lining, this coat will keep you feeling warm and looking chic this winter. Made from 70% recycled wool, it’s perfect for those cooler days.

Shop colored checkered coat by Gigue

Timeless winter Trench coat by JANUE

4. Classic: Trench coat by JANUE

You can’t go wrong with a classic trench coat. This oversized double-breasted piece by JANUE is timeless. Available in a rich earthy brown, it’s the sophisticated finish to any fall or winter look.

Shop trench coat by JANUE

Baby blue blazer Long-Nicoise vest by Oh-Live

3. Baby blue blazer: Long Niçoise vest by Oh-Live!

Elegant, funky, and comfortable – this Niçoise vest by Oh-Live is a statement. Designed and handmade in Antwerp, it’s strikingly unique in every way. Dress it up with a pair of heels or keep things casual with a pair of sneakers, either way, you can be sure you’ll stand out in a crowd in this piece.

Shop blazer by Oh-Live

Bomber jacket - recoverd 1 by Wolvis

2. Bomber jacket: Recoverd 1 by Wolvis

This playful knit bomber by Wolvis is another fun twist on a classic. With colored accents on the front and a pattern detail on the back, this jacket manages to be sporty, stylish, elegant, and warm all at the same time.

Shop bomber jacket by Wolvis

Teddy sherpa jacket Xenia by Terre Bleue

1. Teddy sherpa jacket – Xenia by Terre Bleue

The much-loved teddy jacket or sherpa fleece isn’t going anywhere this season. Comfortable, warm, and cute, this cozy number by Terre Bleue is perfect for everyday winter wear.

Shop teddy jacket by Terre Bleue

Switch winter coats every month with a rental membership:

Spotted more than one style you want to wear this season? Enjoy a rotation of winter coats with a fashion rental membership. Try a different style every month (or whenever you’re ready for something new) and start experimenting with different looks.

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Rent a coat as a one-off:

Got a special event on the horizon and your current coat just won’t cut it? Give your outfit that finishing touch without the worry of whether you’ll get enough wear out of it. With fashion rental, you can wear an item and send it back knowing someone else will also get joy out of that piece.

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What’s included when I rent a winter jacket?

Whether you’re renting a winter jacket, coat, or anything else from Dressr, you can rest assured every piece is carefully washed and pressed, delivered in reusable packaging, and includes a return shipping label.

If I love it, can I buy it?

Yes! Should you find a winter jacket or coat that you can’t part ways with, you have the option to buy the piece at a reduced price depending on your one-time fee or membership.

Can I try things on?

Yes! Drop by our showroom in Mortsel, Antwerp every Wednesday between 1pm – 5pm. Our team is more than happy to help you find the perfect coat or jacket for any occasion.

More questions? Check out our FAQ’s

Feeling inspired? Rent a winter jacket or coat this season!



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