Build a Capsule Wardrobe with Fashion Rental: The Ultimate Guide

In a world where fashion trends come and go at a dizzying rate, the concept of a capsule wardrobe is a breath of fresh air. This relatively new wardrobe strategy offers a slower, more sustainable alternative to the frenzied consumption we’re used to. And while limiting your collection of clothes may sound a little dull, we’re here to show you that building a capsule wardrobe can be anything but boring. 

So how do you curate a capsule wardrobe that’s simple, sustainable, and creative? Let’s get started.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of clothes that can be mixed and matched to create a range of outfits. No more worrying about what will go with what, or the decision paralysis of having too many items to choose from. If you’ve pieced together your clothes well, you should be able to get dressed with ease.

Better yet, the benefits of a capsule wardrobe extend beyond our everyday wardrobe struggles. From choosing quality over quantity, reducing impulse spending, and making sure we get more wear out of the items we already have; creating a capsule closet helps encourage a more sustainable approach to fashion.

Enjoy a wardrobe that you love and wear, and in the process minimize your fashion footprint. It’s a win-win.

How to Create a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule closet doesn’t need to be built overnight. To avoid rash decisions and unnecessary fashion waste, start slow and build a wardrobe that works for you, one step at a time.

1. Declutter slowly and mindfully

Begin your journey towards a sustainable capsule wardrobe by thoughtfully decluttering your existing collection of clothes. Remember, rather than tossing aside unwanted items, donate, recycle, or repair them to extend their lifespan. 

2. Invest in quality core pieces

Next up, take a moment to assess your lifestyle. Do you really wear evening wear? How often have you worn those shoes? Think about the items you wear most and make a conscious effort to invest in quality core pieces that align with your daily activities. Timeless essentials like well-fitted jeans, a classic white shirt, a versatile blazer, and comfortable shoes can last for years, and choosing quality pieces will mean you’ll need fewer replacements in the decades to come.

3. Mix and match outfits

With your core pieces in place, it’s time to mix and match. To start, try and piece together a minimum of 10 different outfits using your chosen items. This exercise showcases the versatility of your capsule closet and will help you make sure you get the most out of your chosen items.

4. Embrace fashion rental

Once you’ve got your key outfits sorted, get creative! Just because you’re streamlining your wardrobe, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the buzz of wearing something new. With fashion rental, you can add fresh pieces to your wardrobe every month without purchasing endless new items. Get creative with statement pieces that elevate versatile basics and showcase your personal style. Then, when the month is up, return them for a new set of statement items.

5. Accessorize to elevate

And of course, don’t forget to accessorize. You can multiply your 10 core outfits into many more with the help of accessories. Whether it’s a bold scarf, a statement necklace, or an eye-catching bag, accessories are a must-have for any capsule wardrobe.

What is the 333 method of a capsule wardrobe? 

The 333 capsule wardrobe method or ‘Project 333’ is a minimalist fashion challenge that invites participants to limit their wardrobe to 33 items for 3 months. These 33 items include clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear, and shoes. Don’t worry, underwear, sleepwear, in-home lounge wear, and workout clothing (for actually working out) are excluded. 

The idea behind the challenge is to reduce consumption, get creative with what you already have, and reduce your environmental impact.

The Dressr capsule wardrobe challenge

Want a capsule wardrobe but don’t want to give up trying new outfits? Why not try the Dressr challenge: the 333 method with a fashion rental twist! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set aside 24 items that will form the core of your capsule wardrobe. Remember, these should easily mix and match to create at least 10 cohesive looks.
  2. Then, rent 3 statement pieces a month to keep your outfits feeling fun and creative.
  3. Love your look? Don’t forget to tag #dressrcapsulechallenge on social media so we can see what you came up with!

Need some inspiration? Get started with our collection of bright and bold statement items that would make any capsule wardrobe glow.

Wrapping it up

Craft your capsule wardrobe well and you’ll unlock a whole new way of getting dressed. Enjoy more cohesive looks, and quality pieces, and do your bit when it comes to reducing consumption. And the key to keeping things extra fresh? Try a fashion rental membership to make your outfits sing with an endless rotation of showstopping statement pieces. 

I love my rented statement piece. Can I add it to my capsule wardrobe permanently?

We know that sometimes you’ll find a special piece that takes your heart. That’s why it’s possible to buy your rented item, with a reduction to the price depending on your one-time fee or membership.

What’s included when I rent clothes?

All Dressr pieces are carefully washed and pressed, delivered in reusable packaging, and include a return shipping label so you can rent with peace of mind.

Try fashion rental in Antwerp

Looking for fashion rental in Belgium? Drop by our showroom in Mortsel, Antwerp every Wednesday between 1pm – 5pm and discover our extensive range of sustainable brands. Our team is happy to help you curate the wardrobe of your dreams.

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