Seamlessly offer fashion rental on your own website with Dressr

Offering fashion rental on your collections has never been easier, thanks to Dressr’s simple integration. Now you can seamlessly supplement purchases with renting, directly from your own website. With just a few clicks, your customers can opt to rent a piece right from your product page, and the rest is taken care of by Dressr. It’s easy, convenient, and it’s a positive step for sustainable fashion.

So how does the rental integration actually work, what do other brands say, and why should you consider adding rental to your website? Let’s get into it.

A closer look at the rental integration

If you’ve ever considered offering rental for your collections in the past, you’ve probably been put off by the logistics of it all. How will you manage your stock levels, who will keep on top of the returns and cleaning processes, and what are the technical requirements of adding rental to your website? 

Thanks to the Dressr rental integration, you don’t need to worry about any of this. The integration is simple to implement and easy to use. Customers select the rental option on your website and the end-to-end logistics, from order to delivery and everything in between, is managed by us.

There are two easy ways you can choose to incorporate rental into your brand website.

1. Create a rental-only collection

One way to incorporate the rental integration is to curate or design a unique rental-only collection. These rental pieces can be used to supplement your existing collection of purchasable items. Rent-only collections are a great option if you have pieces suited for one-off occasions. 

Rental collections will be clearly labeled ‘rent’ on the product pages of your website. Your customer can then choose to ‘rent now’, can select available colours & sizes pulled in real-time from the Dressr platform and will be redirected to the Dressr checkout page. The rest is taken care of by us!

Preview of Marylène Madou rental collection

Rent-only collections will be clearly marked on the product category page.

2. Add rental as an option on selected products

Alternatively, you can offer rental on selected items that are also available for purchase. This way you have the greatest sustainable impact and can maximize the benefits of rental for your brand and your customers. 

If you choose to offer rental on selected purchasable pieces, your customer will see two options on the product page; one to buy the item and the other to rent. If your customer selects ‘rent now’ they will be redirected to the Dressr checkout page and will complete their order there. From the order processing, stock management, cleaning, and returns – everything is arranged by us.

Preview of rental only product from Marylène Madou

Adding rental as an option on purchasable products allows customers the choice of renting or buying.

Our integration in action – Dressr x Marylène Madou

So is there an example of the integration working in real-time? Yes! We’re thrilled that Belgian designer brand Marylène Madou has implemented the Dressr rental integration on their website. 

“Through this collaboration, I can offer customers the opportunity to wear my items in a sustainable way, without having to purchase the piece. Doing the rental yourself – logistics, washing, repair – is very complex. Dressr takes all this work off our hands, and with the new integration I can offer items for rent in my webshop with a few clicks and the rest just happens fully automatically.”

Marylène Madou

Why the one-time-rental integration is the right choice for your brand and your customers

If you’re a sustainably-conscious brand actively trying to improve the fashion industry, offering rental on your website is a no-brainer. 

Attract new customers and showcase your brand

Implementing the Dressr rental integration is a valuable way to attract new customers and showcase your brand. A potential new customer who is not familiar with your products may be hesitant to invest in your pieces if they have no experience with your brand.

Offering a more affordable rental option lowers the threshold for new customers to try your pieces and gives you a significant opportunity to provide a memorable experience that encourages them to become loyal customers.

Be prepared for changes in the industry

The industry is changing and brands will need to adapt to keep up. In an effort to make the textiles industry more sustainable, regulatory powers are actively addressing the circularity of the sector, waste reduction, and preventing greenwashing. With the EU’s goals for all textile products to be long-lived and recyclable by 2030 and an upcoming review of the Waste Framework expected this year, big changes are on the horizon.

By implementing the Dressr rental integration, you can make sure your brand stays ahead of the curve. Incorporate rental into your collections and ensure your brand is making the sustainable changes needed for the future.

Encourage conscious consumers and reduce fashion waste

It’s estimated that a dizzying 1.92 Million tonnes of fashion waste is produced every year. With the rental integration, you are able to encourage your customers to make conscious purchasing decisions by offering a ‘try before you buy’ rental alternative. In doing so, you can help avoid wrong purchases made from impulse shopping, and in turn, help reduce fashion waste. 

Giving your customers the opportunity to rent an item before purchasing is especially valuable if you’re a sustainable brand selling higher-end pieces. Offering garments made using quality fabrics and fair production processes likely means a higher price point than fast-fashion alternatives. 

For a budget-conscious consumer making the switch to sustainable alternatives, renting an item is a great place to start. With rental, you allow customers to experience the craftsmanship, quality, and value of your garments, before making a carefully-considered lifetime purchase.

Rental pieces are also found to have a significantly higher use-per-garment than traditionally purchased items.  As a brand offering rental, you will be able to provide an alternative to one-time purchases. In doing so you can help supplement conscious buying with rental, and increase the average use-per-garment: a win for the planet and for your customer’s wardrobes.



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