Foldable Hat

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Foldable Hat by Cap’a di Carina Foldable Hat by Cap’a di Carina is a red bold colored folding hat with soft taupe satin lining on the inside. This hat adds the perfect touch of classical elegance and street-style to your outfit. Made in Belgium.

Size information

Cap size: perfect for a petite feature, with 55 cm circumference and  10 cm of depth


Measuring your head size: head size is expressed in centimeters. You measure your head size by measuring the circumference of your head with a measuring tape. The tape should be a finger width above the ears and eyebrows. Don’t have measuring tape available? Take a tape measure that does not stretch and measure it with a ruler. The number of centimeters measured is your size.


100% Wool



100% Satin


Care instructions:

Do not sit on the hat

Don’t walk in the pouring rain

Remove stains with a damp cloth

Keep the hat flat, not wrinkled

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