Why fashion rental will save you this wedding season

Wedding bells are ringing, the sun is out, and the invitations are rolling in! From intimate garden ceremonies to destination weddings, there’s nothing quite like the joy of watching loved ones tie the knot. But amidst the excitement, there’s always that age-old dilemma looming over our heads – what are we going to wear?

We all want to look our absolute best at every event, and weddings are no exception. However, finding the perfect outfit can often be a stressful process. Should you splurge on a pricey, high-end item or settle for a cheaper option that compromises on quality? Either can be difficult to justify, especially when you have a feeling it will end up collecting dust in the wardrobe after one wear.

Well, what if we told you there’s a solution that allows you to wear exclusive designer pieces, without breaking the bank or cluttering your closet? Introducing fashion rental – the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

At Dressr we’re changing the way we approach fashion so you never have to compromise on style again. With the convenience of one-time fashion rental, personalized membership plans, and the ability to elevate your existing outfits with rented accessories, Dressr’s curated collection has you covered for all your special occasions this summer.

Why choose one-time rental for your next wedding outfit

While your loved ones may be ready for commitment, you might not want an outfit ‘till death do you part’. Thankfully, with one-time rental, it’s possible to try high-quality pieces on a one-off basis, no strings attached.

So what are the benefits of one-time rental?

Rent a dress from a local designer at a fraction of the price

One key advantage of using one-time rental this wedding season is that you’ll have the opportunity to wear beautifully crafted, high-quality pieces without the hefty price tag. We understand that investing in designer items can be a big decision, especially when you’re uncertain about future occasions to wear them. But that shouldn’t mean you have to miss out.

At Dressr, we work exclusively with local designers, or, as we call them ‘conscious creators’ to curate a collection of unique, quality, and sustainably-made pieces. With one-time rental, you can wear one of these beautiful items for a fraction of the original retail price while feeling incredible in a high-end piece.

Pink Kalamata Kaftan by Oh-Live rented from Dressr
One-time rental €31,80
(Original retail price  €159)
Darana dress by Haruco-vert rented from Dressr
One-time rental €68,70
(Original retail price  €458)
Dekla dress by Haruco-vert rented from Dressr
One-time rental €55,83
(Original retail price  €319)

Don’t get caught wearing the same as someone else

It’s always a little awkward finding your mirror image at a wedding. Unfortunately, when a hundred guests all shop from the same high-street labels, there’s a likely chance of it happening. Thankfully, it can be avoided. Renting an item from Dressr’s collection of local conscious creators is a safe way to make sure your look is uniquely yours.

Get a taste for fashion rental

If you’re new to the world of fashion rental, renting a dress for a wedding is the ideal way to dip your toes in. Experience the joy of wearing something original and stylish, embrace the ease and convenience of renting, and then decide if this is something you’d like to incorporate into your lifestyle in the long term.

By opting for one-time rental, you can confidently flaunt a beautiful outfit while enjoying the benefits of affordability, variety, and the thrill of something new. No long-term commitment required.

How rental memberships will cover you all wedding season

Lucky enough to have received multiple wedding invitations? Or, perhaps you want to go all out and piece together a show-stopping outfit including accessories? If this is the case, a rental membership is the perfect option for you!

Renting your outfit means you can wear quality, sustainable fashion at a fraction of the cost.

Rent multiple pieces with ease

With a Dressr membership, you have the freedom to explore a variety of styles for every celebration you attend. Whether you’re looking for a two-piece set and earrings to match, or need three dresses for three different ceremonies, a rental membership is the most cost-effective, enjoyable, and sustainable way to take on wedding season.

Rent a two-piece set and a pair of earrings with a rental membership from €39* a month

Cost-effective versatility

By choosing a membership, you unlock the doors to an extensive range of curated pieces without breaking the bank. For less than the price of a cheap Zara dress, you can select multiple high-quality pieces that show off your personal style. Avoid the stress of traditional shopping, where investing in different outfits can quickly become expensive, and enjoy versatility in an affordable way. With a rental membership, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, effortlessly transitioning from one wedding to the next with an exciting ensemble for each celebration.

Experiment with your own unique style

One much-loved advantage of a rental membership is the endless style possibilities it provides. Your wardrobe has grown exponentially, without actually taking up any more space. From elegant gowns, chic jumpsuits, romantic floral dresses, to classy sets, Dressr’s collection from over 50+ conscious creators ensures there’s something for everyone. And while you wouldn’t necessarily want to step out of your comfort zone when purchasing new clothes, renting gives you the option to experiment with diverse styles without the commitment of ownership. Get creative and let each wedding be an opportunity to express your personality through high-quality, consciously-created fashion. 

A sustainable fashion choice

Affordability and style aside, a rental membership is the most sustainable way to approach wedding shopping. It’s estimated that 1.92 Million tonnes of fashion waste is produced every year, and with 1.7 million marriages in Europe in 2021 alone, it’s safe to say the wedding industry plays a significant part. By renting and reusing fashion pieces, you can contribute to reducing fashion waste, solving overstock issues, and maximizing use-per-garment. Dressr’s commitment to partnering with conscious creators ensures that every rental contributes to a greater cause – supporting sustainable fashion practices and fostering a more eco-conscious industry. Because together we can ensure that fashion can be beautiful and responsible at the same time.

Rent accessories to elevate your own wardrobe

Already have a dress you love at home that just needs the finishing touch? Elevate your outfit with a well-paired clutch, the perfect set of earrings, or a statement headband. Dressr’s accessories offer a world of options to give your outfit that special something. Available as a one-off rental or as part of a membership, renting accessories for weddings is an easy, affordable way to make your look unique. 

Love it? Make it yours

What if you receive a dizzying amount of compliments on the big day and decide maybe you and your rented item are meant to be?

Your love affair doesn’t have to end there. We know that sometimes you’ll find a special piece that you want to give a forever home. That’s why it’s possible to buy your rented item, with a reduction to the price depending on your one-time fee or membership.

The happily ever after

Whether you’re looking for a one-off dress, the full showstopping outfit, or beautiful accessories to elevate your own wardrobe; fashion rental is your answer this wedding season. Forget the hassle, stress, and expense of shopping for new items and start enjoying the freedom and versatility of a limitless and sustainable wardrobe.

What’s included?

All Dressr pieces are carefully washed and pressed, delivered in reusable packaging, and include a return shipping label so you can rent with peace of mind.

Want to try something on?

Drop into our showroom in Mortsel, Antwerp every Wednesday between 1pm – 5pm. Our team is more than happy to help you with a fitting to find your perfect wedding look. 

More questions? Check out our FAQ’s

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