Sustainable clothing brands: 5 designers taking Belgium by storm

Finding new sustainable clothing brands in a sea of fast fashion can be overwhelming even for the most determined conscious consumer. In an industry rife with greenwashing, picking out ‘the real deals’  is time-consuming and at times frustrating. 

Fear not, life is about to get a little bit easier! We’ve compiled a handful of sustainable European brands that we love and think you will too.

Why switching to sustainable clothing brands matters

It’s no secret that the fast-fashion industry is causing havoc on the environment. Trends come by faster than ever, materials are getting cheaper and less durable by the day, and waste has reached an all-time high. 

These days, the average person buys 60% more clothing than they would have 15 years ago and keeps clothing for 50% less time. Not only does this mean a jaw-dropping amount of clothes are produced to keep up with demand, but fashion waste is also rising.

At the same time, heavily used synthetic materials are harming the environment. Each year, between 200 000 and 500 000 tonnes of microplastics enter the marine environment from the textiles industry alone.

For many of us, stats like these make the cheap fashion haul we once indulged in hard to justify. And that’s before we consider things like CO2 emissions, water waste, and industry working conditions.

The good news? There are more and more sustainable clothing brands taking on the challenge of environmentally conscious and socially responsible fashion. 

A collection of sustainable clothing brands Europe wide

At Dressr, we work with sustainable brands Europe wide. With 45+ designers and counting, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find a collection that you and the planet will love. To kick things off, here are 5 incredible labels changing the industry from the inside out.

1. AR.M: Jewelry with a sustainable sparkle

If you’re a jewelry lover who’s been searching for pieces that sparkle with sustainability, AR.M is your new best friend. This slow-fashion jewelry brand is redefining luxury bling. It’s secret? Responsibly sourced materials. Each design is lovingly hand-crafted from recycled gold and silver, lab-grown diamonds, and responsibly sourced stones. Accessorize ethically and sparkle sustainably when you wear AR.M.

2. EVAMARIA: Where Color Meets Consciousness

Looking for something different from the clothing choices of mainstream fashion labels? EVAMARIA offers a fresh, colorful, and sustainable alternative. Each piece is handmade and unique with playful designs that are a feast for the eyes and gentle on the planet. Seasonless, quirky, and lovingly crafted, EVAMARIA designs are all about embracing individual style in an eco-friendly way.

3. K&J: Fashion with a Future

K&J is a brand that understands fashion isn’t just for the here and now. Creating collections with future generations in mind, K&J’s sustainability efforts range from sourcing natural and recycled materials, using recyclable paper packaging, and designing for long-term wear. In an industry notorious for its environmental footprint, this sustainable clothing brand is taking steps in the right direction. From signature kaftans to Merino wool knits, K&J has sustainable pieces for all year round.

4. Lies Mertens: Chic and Circular 

Leather lovers, rejoice! Lies Mertens is the epitome of a forward-thinking brand with sustainability at its core. Fully aware of the environmental impact of leather production, the brand has made a steadfast commitment to prove a different approach is possible. By carefully sourcing leather from closed-loop tanneries, where water is conserved through smart reuse, waste, and chemical outputs are minimized, and energy is used with maximum efficiency, Lies Mertens is determined to show that sustainability and style can seamlessly coexist. And for those who prefer vegan materials, there are also designs using a leather alternative. This sustainable brand is all about choices that empower you and the planet.

5. Marylène Madou: Fabrics to dye for

Marylène Madou designs are not only unique because they are hand-drawn and created in-house by the designer herself; these intricate pieces are made using an innovative and new approach. Unlike the traditional way of doing things, Marylène Madou fabrics are made using digital printers with eco-friendly ink. This helps the brand significantly reduce water pollution normally associated with fabric dyes and ensures there is minimal overproduction. Not only that, the brand also commits to keeping supply chains short and recycling 100% of all minimum textile waste left from production. What’s not to love?

Try different sustainable clothing brands with fashion rental

The journey from fast fashion to conscious consumption doesn’t happen overnight. For many of us, investing in high-quality pieces before you know and trust the brand can be daunting. 

At Dressr, we love giving fashion lovers the chance to discover and try new brands. Whether you’re looking for a one-time rental or are ready to transform your wardrobe with a fashion rental membership, you can enjoy a range of sustainable brands at your own pace. 

I love my rented piece. Can I make it my own permanently?

Yes! Should you find something you adore and want to keep, you have the option to buy the piece at a reduced price depending on your one-time fee or membership.

What’s included when I rent clothes?

All Dressr pieces are carefully washed and pressed, delivered in reusable packaging, and include a return shipping label so you can rent with peace of mind.

Try fashion rental in Antwerp

Looking for fashion rental in Belgium? Drop by our showroom in Mortsel, Antwerp every Wednesday between 1pm – 5pm. Our team is happy to help you discover an extensive range of incredible sustainable brands.

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