Peggy Vancorenland

Peggy is a front-end developer, who loves to make beautiful designs come to life on your screen. Communication plays a major role in her work, translating design requests into fully functioning computer code. She especially loves the combination of talking with humans through words in addition to communicating with computers through code.


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Carla Persia

Carla Persia is a talented graphic design student who started as an intern at Dressr. With her skill for illustrating and perfectionism, she creates beautiful illustrations and ensures that all Dressr’s products look their best. Her dedication to making sure every detail is perfect has made her a valuable member of the team.

Caroline Baeten

Caroline Cécile Baeten

Caroline Baeten is the founder of Dressr, a fashion rental platform that she established in April 2021. Since then, Caroline has been passionate about changing the way people view fashion and advocating for a more sustainable future. She firmly believes that fashion renting is the way forward. Caroline’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to sustainability have […]

Jesse Finn

Jesse is a creative marketing all-rounder with a focus on visual storytelling. In all his work, he focuses on the power of accessible design in combination with compelling, engaging writing to communicate business value and build ambassadorship.

Falco Wienberg

Falco is a strategic marketing all-rounder specialising in commercial development and business growth. He’s passionate about creating marketing campaigns that are not only impactful but build sustainable relationships with brands. He believes in winning fans, not just customers.

Imani Amelhayi

Imani is a passionate and driven member of the Dressr team, having started as an intern in February 2022 before transitioning to a full-time role in September of the same year. With a deep love of sustainability, fashion, and design, Imani brings a unique perspective to her work and is dedicated to helping Dressr continue […]